Ab Basu worked with allies across the country to educate law makers, state and community leaders regarding the science and strong state and federal regulations in place for farm and urban use chemical products.

Defensive Example:

Ab helped develop and maintain a national infrastructure to educate and advocate in support of science and sustainable environmental policies regarding chemical issues. Each year, while working for CropLife America, he led efforts across the country to successfully defend against literally hundreds of legislative bills.

Proactive Example:

Often, lawmakers are encouraged to pass far reaching legislation based on spurious facts and hypotheses. Ab worked with coalitions of unrelated industries and national organizations to support publication of a primer on sound-science guidelines for laypersons, including questions to ask when prompted for legislative action.  He also led efforts to pass laws in half the states that required uniform state-wide regulation of certain types of chemistry rather than a patchwork county-by-county or city-by-city.