Ab Basu led the agribusiness related state affairs division of BIO for nearly a decade. BIO is the national trade association for the biotech industry. He developed a multi-regional approach to state affairs issues management for BIO advocacy, and established direct representation for the industry in numerous states across the country on both defensive and proactive challenges.

Defensive Examples:

Ab led BIO’s efforts in recent years combating anti-ag biotech statewide ballot initiatives in California, Washington, Colorado and Oregon. He worked also to prevent such costly initiatives in several more states over the years. Each year, Ab Basu also managed operations to successfully defend against an average of 80 - 100 legislative bills pending before state and local legislative bodies. Such legislative proposals could have negatively impacted the industry.

Proactive Examples:

Ab Basu worked with national independent policy organizations to educate policy makers and leaders regarding the environmental, economic and health benefits of biotechnology. Some of this work led to state level and national endorsements and resolutions supporting agricultural biotechnology. Ab worked in just under half the country over several years to support passage of proactive laws that would encourage development of state level ‘bio-economies” and also defense mechanisms against legislative attacks.